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My docker files

  1. Auto-build on docker hub

  2. is the script used to set docker repository source and get latest version in ubuntu.

  3. ./base/ folder contains the base dockerfile. Use it to build my base images.

    • It bases on ubuntu latesed image.
    • It contains supervisord service.
    • supervisord will start sshd by using /etc/supervisor/conf.d/base.conf
    • Copy your own foo.conf to /etc/supervisor/conf.d/ to start it automatically by supervisor.
    • Use > docker build -t samuelchen/base . in base/ folder to create this image
    • The password of root is '123456'. Change it in Dockerfile.
    • Port 22 is exposed for sshd. Use docker run -d -p 10022:22 samuelchen/base to start. Then you could connect via ssh -p 10022 localhost to login to this container.
    • Port 9001 is exposed for supervisord. Use docker -d -p 10022:22 -p 19001:9001 samuelchen/base to start it. Then you could also visit http://localhost:19001 to access supervisor web console.
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