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Short Description
Simple Spark environment in its own network.
Full Description

Docker container for spark stand alone cluster

A network spark_nw will be created. Each node connects to this network. Only
the master node will be in interactive mode (started with -i flag).

For now the network creation and the creation of the worker nodes is done
manually, something that I plan to automate using Docker compose.

You might want to adjust the ports depending on your setup. The are currently prefixed with 3:

# in
  -p 38080:8080 \
  -p 34040:4040 \
  -p 37077:7077 \

Internally the ports are the default ones.

Building the Docker image

0. Pre

# Start docker daemon
sudo docker daemon

1. Build image

# Build this image

Note that the version depends on git and the current status. Commit your
changes before building, or leave it dirty on all times...

How to start the cluster

# To setup a private docker network for the cluster

# Create master node (the name is important)

# Create n worker nodes (repeat this step n-times)


If you want to test your new cluster, you can use


Make sure that you installed Spark locally as well, and that the SPARK_HOME
environment flag is set correctly.

You might want to adapt the path of the to-be committed jar file, depending on
your Spark environment (I build it myself).


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