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Setup of ipython-notebook server for the FLARECAST project by FHNW
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This image will start an ipython-notebook server with some hardwired configurations. Follow the instructions below to make a complete setup:

This is a for a complete project setup, you will need the specific python scripts.
In order to use these scripts, you must run a mongodb container, which is described in step 1. Further you have to mount the scripts (they are currently not public available). If everything went fine you can access the ipython-notebook at https://localhost:8888.

  1. Get the mongodb docker image and run:
    sudo docker run -d --name mongodb dockerfile/mongodb
    Remind: This command will not write to an all persistent database but a container-persistence database. So if you remove the mongodb container with "docker rm", all data is lost!
    To make the database persistent on the host disk, mount a database directory:
    sudo docker run -d --name mongodb -v /my/database/dir/on/host/:/data/db dockerfile/mongodb

  2. Start the ipython-notebook server:
    sudo docker run -d -p 8888:8888 --link mongodb:mongodb -e PASSWORD="myhardpassword" -v ~/your/pythonfiles/:/notebooks/ samuelvonstachelski/ipython-nb

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