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mosquitto. based on alpine:3.4, intend for using in rancher.
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based on alpine:3.4, intend for using in rancher.

dev & test localy

build local

git clone
cd docker-mosquitto
docker build --rm -t mosquitto-conf:1.4.8 conf/
docker build --rm -t mosquitto:1.4.8-alpine mosquitto/

test local

  • example generate password file (user is admin, password is 123)

    docker run --rm -it --entrypoint mosquitto_passwd mosquitto:1.4.8-alpine -c /dev/stdout admin
  • example run mosquitto-conf with confd's env backend

    docker run --rm -it --name mosquitto-conf \
      -e MOSQUITTO_USERS_0_PASSWORD='$6$9fg/ocPdmXjiCuYn$i1TZ3v/4EooliIAskHZ/YS4/go36QRxsUYrZKf1eYBzud/LXffSv5f1A522ETiMByZlUd+O1J/4uaq0K0E3aGw==' \
      mosquitto-conf:1.4.8 \
      -backend env
  • run mosquitto

    docker run --rm -it --volumes-from mosquitto-conf -p 1883:1883 mosquitto:1.4.8-alpine
  • then use a mqtt client to test

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