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Postfix policy milter
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What is Themis

Themis is a policy daemon to predict and control the rate of sending mails in Postfix. Is designed for large scale mail hosting environments, build on top of the python-milter API. The features was built not only for rate limiting but also to provide useful information about your mail environment.

##How to use this image


Disable selinux

setenforce 0

start a themis instance

docker run --name themismilter -e "THEMIS_REDIS=" sandromello/themis

The environment variable THEMIS_REDIS should contain the host or ip of the redis server. THEMIS_REDISPASSWD could be set to if the redis instance is protected by password.

start with custom custom config

wget && mv config.yaml /tmp
docker run --name themismilter -v /tmp:/etc/themis sandromello/themis

Note that, if a custom config is in use, the environment variables should not be set, use the custom config file instead.

Using tmscli

docker run -v /tmp:/etc/themis sandromello/themis tmscli

Only works using with custom config to set the redis server

Docker options

-d could be used to send the daemon to background, --net host will bind to the host port

Tested with

  • CentOS 7 Minimal
  • Ubuntu 14.04
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