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Sometimes you'll find you need to be able to collect a bunch of rpm packages you have together in one place and you want to make them available to your systems running yum. It is pretty easy to do.

This project defines the rpm-metadata (repodata) format and maintains one of the programs (createrepo) which create this format from existing rpms and other sources.

How to use this image

run createrepo

docker run -v /srv/repo:/data sark/createrepo:latest

run createrepo with verobe outout

docker run -e verbose=true -v /srv/repo:/data sark/createrepo:latest

run with some other flags

docker run -e verbose=true -e database=true -e update=true -e deltas=true -v /srv/repo:/data createrepo

run with cron

  1. Create the file /etc/cron.hourly/createrepo and add the following:

     logger "Createrepo: started indexing"
     docker run -e verbose=true -v /srv/repo:/data sark/createrepo:latest
     logger "Createrepo: finished indexing"
  2. Add run premissions to cron-file:

     sudo chmod +x /etc/cron.hourly/createrepo



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