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Short Description
jnlp slave with maven,jdk8, git and a docker daemon inside
Full Description

This Docker image combine remote JNLP Jenkins slave with maven configured and Docker inception, to build inside docker more docker images dynamicaly

inspired by and credits to:<br>
JNLP Slave<br>
DockerInDocker docker/dind

A Jenkins slave using JNLP to establish connection.

See Jenkins Distributed builds for more info.

See Docker inception


To run a Docker container, it is important to run it in privileged mode, like:

docker run --privileged oviis/jenkins-mvn-dind-slave:v1 -url http://jenkins-server:port <secret> <slave name>

optional environment variables:

  • JENKINS_URL: url for the Jenkins server, can be used as a replacement to -url option, or to set alternate jenkins URL
  • JENKINS_TUNNEL: (HOST:PORT) connect to this slave host and port instead of Jenkins server, assuming this one do route TCP traffic to Jenkins master. Useful when when Jenkins runs behind a load balancer, reverse proxy, etc.

image Stack

the Image have been build on the docker alpine base<br>

  • have a openjdk8 inside<br>
  • have mvn installed and configured
  • a docker daemon started
  • a jenkins user configured as jnlp slave, also with permissions to run docker commands
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