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Short Description
Alpine Sinatra is project for running a Sinatra application in Docker on top of Alpine Linux image.
Full Description

Sinatra in Docker

Alpine Sinatra is sample project for running a Sinatra application in Docker on top minimal Alpine Linux image.

Create Image

docker build --no-cache --force-rm --rm -t alpine-sinatra .


# Run container
export SINARTA=$(docker run -d -p 5678:5678 alpine-sinatra)
# Check it's running
docker ps

… or run locally (use another port if needed)

gem install rerun
rerun 'bundle exec rackup -o -p 5678'

Access it from your browser via http://localhost:5678.


  • /env[?json=yes] look Ma! Environment.
  • /disk quick and dirty output of df -h
  • /memory output of free -m
  • /exit send TERM signal to app i.e. exit correctly
  • /fail send KILL to app i.e. exit incorrectly
  • /sleep[?seconds=3.5] wait like a pro...
  • /form simple form with POST method

Check out logs.

docker logs $SINATRA
docker logs -f $SINATRA

Stop it (takes 10 seconds by default)

docker stop $SINATRA

Delete it.

docker rm $SINATRA

Clean up after it

docker images | grep '<none>' | awk '{print $3}' | xargs docker rmi -f

Clean up all

docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)
docker rmi $(docker images -q)


Use Vagrant. In Vagrantfile, port forwarding setting included!

vagrant up


vagrant ssh

Playing with curl

Here http://localhost:5678/form is default development URL if application was started with rackup app/sinatra/

curl --form 'message=Hello world!✔︎' --form 'log=yes' http://localhost:5678/form
Hello world!✔︎⏎
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