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Deep Dream Container

This is an example Deep Dream container that runs in command line mode.

This example assumes you know how to run Docker.

This is not an official Google product.

Running the Container

To run this container:

$ cat myimage.jpg | docker run -i saturnism/deepdream-cli > output.jpg
$ cat myimage.jpg | docker run -i saturnism/deepdream-cli -l conv2/3x3 > output.jpg

To see all of the available arguments:

$ docker run -i deepdream-cli -h

Running in the Background

Rather than waiting for the images to be outputed to STDOUT, you can also pipe the image to the container filesystem and get it later:

$ cat myimage.jpg | docker run -i saturnism/deepdream-cli /bin/bash -c "/deepdream/ > /tmp/output.jpg" &

Find the container ID:

$ docker ps

Or, if the container already exited:

$ docker ps -a | less

When the container process finishes, you can copy the image out:

$ docker cp containerId:/tmp/output.jpg .

Batch Processing

You can process multiple images in parallel by launching Docker processes in background in parallel:

for f in *.jpg; \
  do { cat $f | docker run -i saturnism/deepdream-cli > out_$f; } & \

Building the Container

Nothing special if you already have Docker installed:

$ git clone
$ cd deepdream-cli-docker
$ docker build -t deepdream-cli .
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