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A base Docker image to run and build Spring Boot applications.
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This project contains Dockerfile that creates a base image to run Spring Boot applications.
Source is on GitHub saturnism/spring-boot-docker

Check available tagged images to use specific Spring Boot and Groovy versions.

This is not an official Google product.

How to use this image

Groovy Applications

Create a Dockerfile in your project directory:

FROM saturnism/spring-boot

You can then build and run the image:

docker build -t myapp
docker run -ti myapp

You'll notice that everytime the container starts, it will resolve all the dependencies.
To avoid this, you can also pre-compile your Groovy application using the onbuild image.

In the Dockerfile, use:

FROM saturnism/spring-boot:onbuild

You can then build and run the image just like the previous method:

docker build -t myapp
docker run -ti myapp


You can find examples under the Examples directory.

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