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A base image that allows easy extension to run Heroku like apps.


If you have a Heroku app, just run add a Dockerfile:

FROM saulshanabrook/buildpack
CMD start web

Build it

$ docker build -t app .

...and run it

$ docker run -rm -it -p 8080:8080 app .

Environmental Variables

If you want to add some environmental variables when Docker is building
(for example to change the BUILDPACK_URL), just add them to a build.env
file in the root of your project.

$ echo 'BUILDPACK_URL=some_crazy_buildpack' >> build.env

How does it work?

I have tried to keep this as small as possible, harnessing all of the actual
logic from Flynn's slugbuilder
and slugrunner.

I am basically copying those Dockerfiles and combinging them, so as to allow
a single image to inherit from which does everything, instead of passing
tarballs around of images and slugs.

Originally I wanted to use the advertised API for slugbuilder and slugrunner,
to build and run the slugs inside the my Docker build, but this would require
running Docker inside a Docker build, which isn't possible yet

Which buildpacks do you support by defaults?

The same ones supported by slugbuilder

Why don't you just use tutum/buildstep?

I tried it and it didn't work for my project for some reason. Since Flynn has
already done all the hard work, I figured it would be nice to harness their
projects and build off them.

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