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docker desktop for qml
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This docker is based on rogaha/docker-desktop which helps to run xwindows application in docker

Ubuntu 14.04 Configuration


Because the docker use Ubuntu 16.04, and the xpra of 14.04 could not connect the version of xpra on 16.04.
We need to install the right version of xpra 0.15.8 on ubuntu 14.04

Add the line
deb wily main universe
to the end of file /etc/apt/sources.list

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install python-rencode
$ cd /tmp
$ wget

double click on this file to install xpra

These first two articles should be fallowed to install docker, docker-compose and dnsdocker

Install docker-engine and docker-compose

How to use dnsdock

Then install these tools on your local machine

$ sudo apt-get install xpra ssh sshpass

Disable strict host key checking


$ ./kickoff

Then the script qmlLancher is generate, execute

$ ./qmlLancher


$ deploy --preprod -r ocsfreeqml -p ocsfreeqml -n

to run your qml application

Docker Pull Command
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