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Jeedom 2.0.1 image for Raspberry Pi (MySQL not included, OpenZWave installed)
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Jeedom is an Open Source home automation system.
Detailed information:

In this image OpenZwave plugin is installed (see for an image with OpenZWave not installed).

How to use this image?

Using docker-compose (2016/03/29)
Easiest way is to get and launch
docker-compose up

Then go to http://<raspberry ip>/ and start the installation.
MySQL hostname is jeedom-mysql and password is 'password' (can be changed in docker-compose.yml file).

Remark 1: If no ZWave USB key is present (such as the UZB1) then remove the devices section from the docker-compose.yml filedevices section from the docker-compose.yml file.

Remark 2: To use tmpfs filesystem for log files and prevent SD card wearout, you can launch the jeedom container with specific parameter (will be added in docker-compose.yml once tmpfs will be supported - currently it is only available in 1.7 RC1 version):

sudo docker stop jeedom
sudo docker rm jeedom
sudo docker run -d --link jeedom-mysql:mysql --device=/dev/ttyACM0:/dev/ttyACM0 --name jeedom --mac-address="b8:27:eb:3c:08:33" -p 80:80 -p 8083:8083 -p 443:443 --tmpfs /tmp:rw,size=32M --tmpfs /var/log:rw,size=32M --tmpfs /var/www/html/log:rw,size=32M  sbeuzit/rpi-jeedom-oz

Remark 3: To launch a PHPMyAdmin container connected to Jeedom MySQL database:
docker run --net=pirate_default -d --restart=always -e PMA_USERNAME=root -e PMA_PASSWORD=<jeedom_db_password> --link jeedom-mysql:mysql --name phpmyadmin -p 8080:80 bkjeholt/phpmyadmin-rpi:latest
Then go to http://<JeedomIP>:8080

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