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Dockerized SBT, Node & Mongo
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Dockerized SBT, Node & Mongo

Built from this github-repo via CircleCI

The images are based on OpenJDK 8.


First pull the sbt image with your favorite tag:

 docker pull scalableminds/sbt:sbt-0.13.9_mongo-3.2.1_node-4.x_jdk-8

Then you can run the default sbt command like this:

 docker run  --volume="$HOME/yourproject:/project" --volume="$HOME/.sbt:/root/.sbt" --volume="$HOME/.m2:/root/.m2" --volume="$HOME/.ivy2:/root/.ivy2" scalableminds/sbt:sbt-0.13.9_mongo-3.2.1_node-4.x_jdk-8

This image is configured with a workdir /project, so to build your project you have to mount a volume for your sources. Also you probably want to use the caches, so it is useful to mount them at /root/.ivy2, /root/.sbt, etc, as shown above.
The default entrypoint is sbt itself, so you can directly append any sbt command. We also suggest to abstract from the volumes via docker-compose, so running sbt for your project might just look like:

 docker-compose run sbt clean compile
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