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Short Description
Mirror one Kafka Topic to another Kafka Topic using Scala's akka-stream-kafka
Full Description

This is a stub or dummy implementation for what you might want to be a Kafka Stream processor later on.

Orchestrate your system first, then fill in the gaps. You have the sheer power of Scala and Akka Streams at your hands which let you perform reusable and testable transformations, and offer a vast amount of combinators, Sources and Sinks for your business need.

This is automatically built from the Scala SBT template at:


$ docker pull scalawilliam/kafka-mirror
$ docker run --link=kafka -i scalawilliam/kafka-mirror -Dinput-topic=in \
    -Doutput-topic=out \ \
    -Dakka.kafka.consumer.kafka-clients.bootstrap.servers=kafka:9092 \

Put the arguments inside the JAVA_OPTS environment variable to pass them in Docker Compose.

Template Usage

Minimum SBT version: 0.13.13

$ sbt new ScalaWilliam/akka-stream-kafka-template.g8
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