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Scalingo Elasticsearch Image
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Running the image

This image contains elasticsearch. To start the image, you can run the following snippet:

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 \
           -v <DATA_DIRECTORY>:/var/lib/elasticsearch \
           scalingo/elasticsearch /elasticsearch

You database is now up and running on the port 8000 of your host and reachable at the following URL:



  • <DATA_DIRECTORY>: directory used to store database data.


  • DB_USER (Optional, default: elasticsearch): username used for database authentication.
  • DB_PASSWORD (Optional, default: secret): password used for database authentication.

  • ES_MIN_MEM (Optional, default: 128m): minimum ram allocated by the JVM (Xms flag)

  • ES_MAX_MEM (Optional, default: 512m): maximum ram allocated by the JVM (Xmx flag)
  • DB_UID (Optional, default: 1503): user UID that elasticsearch should use to store data and run itself. You can set it to your own UID to have a simpler dev environment. Just add -e DB_UID=`id -u` before the -v flag.

Startup logs

Normal startup logs are :

[2016-06-13 08:44:50,163][INFO ][node                     ] [Cannonball I] version[1.7.5], pid[23], build[00f95f4/2016-02-02T09:55:30Z]
[2016-06-13 08:44:50,164][INFO ][node                     ] [Cannonball I] initializing ...
[2016-06-13 08:44:50,281][INFO ][plugins                  ] [Cannonball I] loaded [knapsack-], sites []
[2016-06-13 08:44:50,386][INFO ][env                      ] [Cannonball I] using [1] data paths, mounts [[/ (none)]], net usable_space [26.3gb], net total_space [126.3gb], types [aufs]
[2016-06-13 08:44:53,021][INFO ][node                     ] [Cannonball I] initialized
[2016-06-13 08:44:53,022][INFO ][node                     ] [Cannonball I] starting ...
[2016-06-13 08:44:53,128][INFO ][transport                ] [Cannonball I] bound_address {inet[/0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:9300]}, publish_address {inet[/]}
[2016-06-13 08:44:53,137][INFO ][discovery                ] [Cannonball I] elasticsearch/4onu0QV-S9iwgos_0Cf9wQ
[2016-06-13 08:44:56,177][INFO ][cluster.service          ] [Cannonball I] new_master [Cannonball I][4onu0QV-S9iwgos_0Cf9wQ][b6b31911d275][inet[/]], reason: zen-disco-join (elected_as_master)
[2016-06-13 08:44:56,206][INFO ][http                     ] [Cannonball I] bound_address {inet[/0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:9200]}, publish_address {inet[/]}
[2016-06-13 08:44:56,206][INFO ][node                     ] [Cannonball I] started
[2016-06-13 08:44:56,322][INFO ][gateway                  ] [Cannonball I] recovered [0] indices into cluster_state
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