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tengine image for Scality CI
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IronMan-Integration is aiming to provide a complete solution for the
end-to-end testing of IronMan projects. It is constituted of two components:


It is a small REST service geared towards GitHub push notifications, sending
build requests to circleCI. It is written in nodeJS.


ultron looks for a config.json in its root folder, containing the
following fields:

    "username": "your_robot_github_username",
    "hubtoken": "your_robot_github_token",
    "citoken": "your_circle_ci_token",


Just go into the bot directory and do npm install as you would with any
node service.


npm start will do the trick. You will need to ensure that github issue
comments are forwarded to ultron via a webhook in the interface of your

You will be able to start a new build by invoking @username (as defined in
the config file) in a PR comment. You can add on separate lines every
environment variable you may want to add using the following format:



It is a python integration wrapper, meant to be used in circleCI's environment
or locally. All IronMan projects are able to be tested in an end-to-end
scenario thanks to this.


The usual python install will do the trick.


nimrod-build deploys the whole setup using IronMan-Federation.
nimrod does all the above by itself.

Add new tests

Tests are automatically picked-up in any path of the repository, as long as they
provide the mandatory master.yml describing the aggressor configuration.
Adding test is then just a matter of adding this file and whatever you may need
to interact with the fully deployed system.

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