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Short Description
Standalone S3 protocol server used for dev, testing and live deployments on premise or cloud.
Full Description

S3 Server is being renamed Cloud Server and part of Scality Zenko, Scality’s
Open Source Multi-Cloud Data Controller.
Learn more about Zenko at

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

Running S3 Server with a file backend

Quick reference

Quick start

The default access key is accessKey1, with the secret key verySecretKey1

Run s3 server with a file backend on port 8000:
$ docker run -d --name s3server -p 8000:8000 scality/s3server
Run s3 server with an in-memory backend on port 8000:
$ docker run -d --name s3server -p 8000:8000 scality/s3server:mem-latest

Note that the --name selected (in the example 's3server') will enable you to easily start and stop the given named container:

$ docker stop s3server
$ docker start s3server

Continuous integration testing || in production usage

Using S3 for continuous integration testing or in production with Docker

Data storage

When using s3server with a file backend, all data is stored inside the container and is persisted between restarts. You can define the path for data and metadata storage, check our documentation on configuring storage path.
When using s3sever with an in-memory backend, all data is lost after you stop the container.

Learn more by reading our documentation or checking out our website!

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