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Standalone S3 protocol server that can be used for dev, testing and live deployments
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Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links:

Run it with a file backend
Run it with an in-memory backend

Quick start

The default access key is accessKey1, with the secret key verySecretKey1

Run s3 server with a file backend on port 8000:
$ docker run -d --name s3server -p 8000:8000 scality/s3server
Run s3 server with an in-memory backend on port 8000:
$ docker run -d --name s3server -p 8000:8000 scality/s3server:mem-latest

Note that the --name selected (in the example 's3server') will enable you to easily start and stop the given named container:

$ docker stop s3server
$ docker start s3server

Continuous integration testing and in production

Using S3 for continuous integration testing or in production with Docker

Data storage

When using s3 server with a file backend, all data is stored inside the container and is persisted between restarts.

See more details at

Docker Pull Command

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