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7 days to die docker image
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A full installation of 7 days to die in a docker container. Based on phusion/baseimage.
Build for Alpha 14.7 and automatic on demand update inside container after starting it.

Add "data" directory and map the volume /home/sdtd/data to the local data directory, which contains the 7dtd instance files. You need a "config.xml" file (the 7dtd serverconfig) in the data directory => data/config.xml. That's all. Just start the container.

docker run -v data:/home/sdtd/data -p 25000:25000/udp -p 25001:25001/udp -p 25002:25002/udp -p 25003:25003/udp -d --name "7dtd" --restart="always" scar/7dtd

For login, set client port to 25000.

The config settings "SaveGameFolder" and "ServerPort" are overriden by the container, to make the game running as well. Please DONT remove the xml nodes from the config.xml.

If there is a new file "NEW_VERSION_AVAILABLE" created in the data directory, the game has a new version and you have to look for a updated image. If there is a new game version found, the start script is updating the container before the game starts.

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