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ubuntu 14.04 ppc64le + odoo (openerp)
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This version is build to run on ppc64le compatible Hardware (IBM PowerSystem with Power8 minimum or OpenPower comatible system)

Odoo is an Python-powered open source ERP, previously called OpenERP (

This docker app only exposes the Odoo web interface at the port 8069 and need a separate database. (you can use the schabrolles/postgresql_ppc64el)


you'll need schabrolles/postgresql_ppc64le docker image or any other PostgreSQL image of your choice that you link with odoo under the name db:

$ docker run --name="postgres" -d schabrolles/postgresql_ppc64le:9.3

Start Odoo

Run odoo version 8.0, assuming you named your PostgreSQL container postgres as we did above:

$ docker run --name="odoo" --link postgres:db -d -p 8069:8069 schabrolles/odoo_ppc64le:8.0

and then access the web interface with your browser at http://host_IP:8069

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