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Docker image for COVAREP -
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Covarep is a Cooperative Voice Analysis Repository for Speech Technologies (v. 1.4.1)

Covarep is an open-source repository of advanced speech processing algorithms
and is stored as a GitHub project ( where
researchers in speech processing can store original implementations of published

Requirements: Installed Matlab on machine.

Usage: docker run --rm -d -v MATLAB_HOME:/usr/local/MATLAB/from-host -v MATLAB_LOGS:/var/log/matlab -v AUDIO_FILES_DIR:/audio_dir --mac-address=MATLAB_HOST_MAC schererstefan/covarep -r "startup;COVAREP_feature_extraction('/audio_dir');exit;"

note that MATLAB_HOME, MATLAB_LOGS, and MATLAB_HOST_MAC need to be set as instructed here:
AUDIO_FILES_DIR is replaced by directory containing .wav files to be converted.

Output: .mat files readable in Matlab of audio files processed

Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 & Matlab 2016b

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