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Custom MySQL Docker image

This image is based on the official mysql image. The mysqld configuration will be generated from ENV variables beginning with MYSQLD_ which must be given on docker run.

General use


docker run -e MYSQLD_INNODB_BUFFER_POOL_SIZE=768000000 schoolscout/custom-mysql-with-ssl:5.6

This will start mysql with the custom config option innodb_buffer_size=768000000.

SSL support

You can set up SSL support for the server through some special ENV variables. You can generate those variables from some existing key, cert and CA files.


SERVER_KEY=$(cat -E server.key | xargs)
SERVER_CERT=$(cat -E server.crt | xargs)
CA_CERT=$(cat -E CA.crt | xargs)

docker run -e SERVER_KEY=$SERVER_KEY -e SERVER_CERT=$SERVER_CERT -e CA_CERT=$CA_CERT schoolscout/custom-mysql-with-ssl:5.6

Supported versions

The image is currently available with MySQL 5.5 and 5.6. Just use the tag corresponding to the version.

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