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Initial setup

mkdir ~/homedir-mutt
cd ~/homedir-mutt
touch ~/Mail/inbox
touch ~/.procmailrc
ln -s ~/Mail ~/mail

Create .muttrc, include set sendmail="/usr/sbin/ssmtp"

#### Routine use:

cd ~/homedir-mutt
docker run -it -v pwd:/home/s-mail:rw --rm=true --name=$USER-mail schvin/mutt

#### Archive:

# if built-in imap or pop3 in mutt are not sufficient, you can use getmail, if needed:
#docker run -P -it -d -v `pwd`:/home/s-mail:rw --name=$USER-exim exim
#docker run -it --link $USER-exim:exim --rm=true --volumes-from=$USER-exim getmail
#docker run -it --link $USER-exim:exim --rm=true --volumes-from=$USER-exim mutt

#docker run -it --link $USER-exim:exim --rm=true --volumes-from=$USER-exim fetchmail
#fetchmail -N -b 100 -B 100 -d 15 -K -S $EXIM_PORT_25_TCP_ADDR
#fetchmail -N -b 100 -B 100 -d 30 -k -S $EXIM_PORT_25_TCP_ADDR
#fetchmail -b 100 -B 100 -k -F -S $EXIM_PORT_25_TCP_ADDR
#fetchmail -a -N -b 100 -B 100 -d 15 -K -S $EXIM_PORT_25_TCP_ADDR


to address:

  • syslog
  • default configs?
  • cert issues?
  • fetching config/gpg ?
  • relay settings
  • term issues
  • getmail max_messages_per_session
  • link to howtos/examples on the app configs
  • note about removing old container, or restarting it
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