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Oracle SOA Suite + Oracle Service Bus domain
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Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus, Oracle BAM and JDeveloper, all in the same Docker image.

To run Middleware 12.1.3:

docker run -d -p 7001:7001 -p 8001:8001 -p 8011:8011 -v $(pwd):/opt/oracle/middleware12c --name wls1213 sciensa2/oracle-soa:12.1.3 middleware

Then go to http://localhost:7001/console

Username: weblogic
Password: weblogic1

To run JDeveloper:

sudo xhost +
docker run -d -e DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -v $(pwd):/root/jdeveloper/mywork --name jdeveloper sciensa2/oracle-soa:12.1.3 jdeveloper
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