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SoapUI mock service runner container
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SoapUI Mock-Service Docker image

This project builds a docker container for running a Mock-Service with SOAP-UI

    $ docker build -t fbascheper/soapui-mockservice-runner .

Running the image

You can run the mock-service container interactively with the following command:

    $ docker run -P -it --rm -e MOCK_SERVICE_NAME=BLZ-SOAP11-MockService  <<image-id>>

    $ docker run -P -it --rm \
        -e MOCK_SERVICE_NAME=BLZ-SOAP11-MockService \
        -e MOCK_SERVICE_PATH=/BLZMockService \
        -e PROJECT=/home/soapui/soapui-prj/default-soapui-project.xml \

And of course you can also run it as a daemon, e.g. using:

    $ docker run --name soapui-daemon -d -e MOCK_SERVICE_NAME=BLZ-SOAP11-MockService  <<image-id>>

Supported environment variables

The following environment variables are supported:

<th>Default value</th>
<td>Name of the mock service in the SoapUI project file</td>
<td>Path used to publish the mock service, if empty the path in the SoapUI project file is used</td>
<td>The complete path to the SoapUI project file</td>

Creating mock services based on this image

The extension-mechanism works in the same fashion as the postgresql docker image, i.e. by adding your own shell script in
the docker-entrypoint-initdb directory. But as a rule this should not be necessary.

The best practice for creating a new image is to add your own SoapUI project in the soapui-prj directory and reference this project
using the supported environment variables.

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