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Matlab Compiler Runtime for v9.0.1 (R2016a)
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Matlab (C) Runtime for MatlabR2016a (v.9.0.1). For more info see Matlab's website.

This container provides an environment for the execution of Stand-Alone Matlab executables built with Matlab (C) 2016a, such as those created using Matlab's 'deploytool'.


To build you can download this repo and run or run:

    docker build --no_cache -t scitran/mcr-v901 `pwd`

Example Usage

To run a Matlab Stand-Alone executable (MSAE) you can do something like the following:

    docker run --rm -ti \
        -v </path/to/MSAE/parent/folder>:/execute \
        scitran/mcr-v901 \
        /execute/<name of your MSAE> [<any input arguments>]
  • Note that you are mounting the directory which contains your MSAE in the container at /execute and executing that file within the container by providing the full path following the name of the container (scitran/mcr-v901).
  • Input arguments to your MSAE are provided at the end of the docker run command. Remember that if those inputs are files or other resources, those resources must also be mounted in the container and the full path to them (in the container) must be provided.
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