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Ubiquiti UniFI controller software for Docker
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Ubiquiti UniFi controller software for Docker

This is how we run this image, via a file called something like /some/location/blah/

#!/bin/bash -xe

DIR="$(readlink -f "$(dirname $0)")"
docker pull scjalliance/unifi
docker stop unifi || echo NOT STOPPED
docker rm unifi || echo NOT REMOVED
docker run -d -p -p -v $DIR/var-lib-unifi:/var/lib/unifi:rw -v $DIR/var-log-unifi:/var/log/unifi:rw -v $DIR/var-run-unifi:/var/run/unifi:rw -v $DIR/usr-lib-unifi-work:/usr/lib/unifi/work:rw -v $DIR/usr-lib-unifi-data:/usr/lib/unifi/data:rw --name=unifi --restart=always scjalliance/unifi

But we imagine that if you would use --volumes-from, it would work well and exactly as expected.

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