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Just a fedora image, with jetty, nginx, and jamwiki on it. Simple way to stand up a wiki.
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OS: Fedora 23
JAVA Version: Oracle JRE 1.9
JAVA APP Server: Jetty 9
WIki Version: 1.3.2

Unfortunately you will have to run /etc/init.d/jetty start. The image is also large and a bit bloated but we can address that down the road. Perhaps in forthcoming releases.

$ docker run -d -t -p 8080:8080 scoday/jamwiki
$ docker exec $container_id /etc/init.d/jetty start

The good news is you could easily use this as a Jetty app server by copying your war file to the /use/local/jetty/webapps directory using docker copy.

For those not so familiar with docker make SURE you do a docker commit if you add content. Also you will see the initial setup screen when you restart the container. Just read the warning at the top and continue on.

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