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A combination of some existing docker containers for PokemonGo-Map, with a few improvements.
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PokemonGo Map Docker

Forked from, which is forked from
This container runs PokemonGo-Map in a Docker container.

Environment Variables


  • AUTH_SERVICE: Auth Services, either one for all accounts or one per account. ptc or google. Defaults all to ptc. Separate multiple with comma.
  • USERNAME: Username for PTC, email for Google. Separate multiple with comma.
  • PASSWORD: Passwords, either single one for all accounts or one per account. Separate multiple with comma.


  • LOCATION: Location, can be an address or coordinates.
  • CHINA: Coordinates transfer for China, defaullts to 0.
  • FIXED: Toggles the search bar, uses a 'fixed' location.
  • GMAPS_KEY: Your Google Maps key. Instructions


  • MOCK: Mock mode. Starts the web server but not the background thread.
  • NO_SEARCH_CONTROL: Disables search control (In-app toggle to start/stop search).
  • NO_SERVER: No-Server Mode. Starts the searcher but not the Webserver.
  • SERVER_ONLY: Server-Only Mode. Starts only the Webserver without the searcher.
  • CORS: Enable CORS on web server.

Search settings

  • STEP_LIMIT: The step limit to use, defaults to 12.
  • SCAN_DELAY: The interval between scans, defaults to 5.
  • LOGIN_DELAY: Time delay between each login attempt, defaults to 5.
  • SPAWNPOINTS_ONLY: Only scan locations with spawnpoints in them.
  • SPAWNPOINT_SCANNING: Enables TBTerra's spawnpoint scanning.
  • WORKERS: Number of workers to use (if different than the number of accounts provided).
  • ACCOUNT_FILE: Path to a csv containing accounts.


  • LOCALE: Locale for Pokemon names, defaults to en.
  • DEBUG: Debug mode, defaults to 0.
  • OUTPUT_FILE: Save runserver output to indicated file.


To run this container at a minimum, you need to run the following:

docker run --name pokemongo-map \
    -e USERNAME=username \
    -e PASSWORD=password \
    -e LOCATION="Phoenix, AZ" \
    -e GMAPS_KEY="<your key>" \
    -p 5000:5000
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