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This docker image only contains the shellcheck command line tool.
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This docker image contains the shellcheck command line tool. Shellcheck ensures that Bash scripts are valid and conform to best practices.

Maintaining shellcheck on your local system requires you to have a Haskell runtime (cabal, ghc), which can be onerous when shellcheck updates. Instead, you can make an alias to use this docker image whenever you want to call shellcheck locally.


This command will test all the shell scripts in your current directory.

docker run -it --rm \
  -v "$(pwd)":"/host/${PWD##*/}" \
  -w "/host/${PWD##*/}" \
  --name shellcheck \
  scottbrown/shellcheck "*.sh"

That's a lot to type. Instead of wrecking your fingers, make a shell alias so you can simply type shellcheck within any directory you want to test your shell scripts.

# in ~/.bashrc
alias shellcheck='docker run -it --rm -v "$(pwd)":"/host/${PWD##*/}" -w "/host/${PWD##*/}" --name=shellcheck scottbrown/shellcheck "$@"'

Now you can do shellcheck and it will check your shell script. Awesome sauce!


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