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Unifi Testing Release for FreeNas
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Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Controller container with FreeNAS metadata

This container will work on FreeNAS and non-FreeNAS docker implementations

This container follows the latest UniFi current stable/general availability release.

Current testing release is v5.5.8


The container only has a single environment variable to pass to the container

  • TZ - Configures the timezone, e.g. "America/Chicago"

This container exposes two volumes:

  • /usr/lib/unifi/data - UniFi configuration data and DBs
  • /usr/lib/unifi/logs - UniFi and MongoDB logs for troubleshooting

This container exposes the following ports (see:

  • 3478/udp (port used for STUN connection)
  • 6789/tcp (port used for throughput measurement from Android/iOS app)
  • 8080/tcp (port for UAP/USW/USG to inform controller)
  • 8443/tcp (port for controller GUI / API)
  • 8880/tcp (port for HTTP portal redirect)
  • 8843/tcp (port for HTTPS portal redirect)
  • 10001/udp (port used for UBNT discovery broadcasts - L2/same subnet only)


It is highly recommended to backup your data prior to installing updates.

This can be done by exporting a .unf file from the UniFi interface to be reimported if required. Database rollback from newer to older versions isn't always possible.

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