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Perl built for Alpine Linux
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Perl on Alpine Linux

This is a build of Perl 5.26.2 on Alpine Linux. Because of its small size and pre-installed cpanm, this is an ideal base for Perl-based Docker images.

This Docker image is 219 MB.


3 tests in Perl's suite fail:

Test Summary Report
  Failed tests:  58-60
  Non-zero exit status: 3
  Failed test:  450
  Failed test:  723
Files=2553, Tests=1185098, 1286 wallclock secs (94.22 usr 10.28 sys + 774.59 cusr 38.68 csys = 917.77 CPU)
Result: FAIL

If you depend on the functionality covered by these tests, you may
wish to choose another image.

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