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Builds container for a MongoDB monitoring reporter that speaks statsd protocol
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Small go process which polls mongodb for server status shipping as metrics to statsd


Make sure golang is installed and GOPATH is defined in your environment.

Then run ./


The simplest form is just to run it this way and it will attempt to connect via
unauthorized fashion to a mongodb instance on localhost.

./mgo-statsd  -statsd_host="statsd.hostname"

Docker container

Launch a container using the image on Docker Hub built from this source repo:

$ docker run -dit --name mgo-statsd scullxbones/mgo-statsd [optional parameters]

To build a local image from this repo using:

$ docker build -t mgo-statsd .

Docker-based development stack using Docker Compose

If you have both Docker and Docker Compose installed, you can launch a complete development stack with a single command by using the provided docker-compose.yml file.

The stack defines the following containers:

  • A MongoDB 3.x service, with logging muted.
  • A StatsD service configured with console output backend, for debugging.
  • A mgo-statsd service linked to above services, built from source. See manifest for used command-line options.

Start the stack by running:

$ docker-compose up

Stop it by CTRL+C'ing it. See Docker Compose docs for help operating the stack.

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