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This is the bleeding-edge, nightly build for ScyllaDB. Use with caution.
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$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ sudo ./
$ ./ --mode=release
$ ninja-build -j4 # Assuming 4 system threads.
$ ./build/release/scylla
$ # Rejoice!

Please see for detailed information on building and developing Scylla.

Running Scylla

  • Run Scylla

* run Scylla with one CPU and ./tmp as data directory

./build/release/scylla --datadir tmp --commitlog-directory tmp --smp 1

* For more run options:

./build/release/scylla --help

## Building Fedora RPM

As a pre-requisite, you need to install [Mock]( on your machine:

Install mock:

sudo yum install mock

Add user to the "mock" group:

usermod -a -G mock $USER && newgrp mock

Then, to build an RPM, run:


The built RPM is stored in ``/var/lib/mock/<configuration>/result`` directory.
For example, on Fedora 21 mock reports the following:

INFO: Done(scylla-server-0.00-1.fc21.src.rpm) Config(default) 20 minutes 7 seconds
INFO: Results and/or logs in: /var/lib/mock/fedora-21-x86_64/result

## Building Fedora-based Docker image

Build a Docker image with:

cd dist/docker
docker build -t <image-name> .

Run the image with:

docker run -p $(hostname -i):9042:9042 -i -t <image name>

Contributing to Scylla

Guidelines for contributing

Docker Pull Command