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PostgreSQL with LDAP and SSH under CentOS 7
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Dockerfile to build PostgreSQL on CentOS 7


To build the image

# docker build --rm -t <yourname/postgresql .

Launching PostgreSQL

Quick Start (not recommended for production use)

docker run --name=postgresql -d -p 5432:5432 <yourname>/postgresql

To connect to the container as the administrative postgres user:

docker run -it --rm --volumes-from=postgresql <yourname>/postgres sudo -u
postgres -H psql

Creating a database at launch

You can create a postgresql superuser at launch by specifying DB_USER and
DB_PASS variables. You may also create a database by using DB_NAME.

docker run --name postgresql -d \
-e 'DB_USER=username' \
-e 'DB_PASS=ridiculously-complex_password1' \
-e 'DB_NAME=my_database' \

To connect to your database with your newly created user:

psql -U username -h $(docker inspect --format {{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}} postgresql)
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