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Claymore prometheus exporter, valid for x86_64 cpu
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Claymore prometheus exporter

The script will get values from the IP where Claymore is running and export on port default 8601 for prometheus metrics.


Environment vars

  • IP: address to connet Claymore
  • LISTENPORT default 8601
  • FREQUENCY interval for each measure

Sample run

$ docker run --rm --p 8601:8601 sdelrio/claymore-exporter
{'claymore_version': u'9.3 - ETH', 'coin2': {'total_hashrate': u'568636', 'shares': u'59', 'reject': u'0'}, 'coin1': {'total_hashrate': u'56863', 'shares': u'213', 'reject': u'0'}, 'gpu': {0: {'hashrate2': u'284464', 'hashrate1': u'28446', 'fan': u'82', 'temp': u'72'}, 1: {'hashrate2': u'284172', 'hashrate1': u'28417', 'fan': u'69', 'temp': u'82'}}, 'running_time': u'307'}
{'claymore_version': u'9.3 - ETH', 'coin2': {'total_hashrate': u'568640', 'shares': u'59', 'reject': u'0'}, 'coin1': {'total_hashrate': u'56864', 'shares': u'213', 'reject': u'0'}, 'gpu': {0: {'hashrate2': u'284172', 'hashrate1': u'28417', 'fan': u'82', 'temp': u'72'}, 1: {'hashrate2': u'284468', 'hashrate1': u'28446', 'fan': u'69', 'temp': u'82'}}, 'running_time': u'307'}
{'claymore_version': u'9.3 - ETH', 'coin2': {'total_hashrate': u'566968', 'shares': u'59', 'reject': u'0'}, 'coin1': {'total_hashrate': u'56696', 'shares': u'213', 'reject': u'0'}, 'gpu': {0: {'hashrate2': u'283569', 'hashrate1': u'28356', 'fan': u'82', 'temp': u'72'}, 1: {'hashrate2': u'283399', 'hashrate1': u'28339', 'fan': u'69', 'temp': u'82'}}, 'running_time': u'307'}
{'claymore_version': u'9.3 - ETH', 'coin2': {'total_hashrate': u'568946', 'shares': u'59', 'reject': u'0'}, 'coin1': {'total_hashrate': u'56894', 'shares': u'213', 'reject': u'0'}, 'gpu': {0: {'hashrate2': u'283918', 'hashrate1': u'28391', 'fan': u'82', 'temp': u'71'}, 1: {'hashrate2': u'285028', 'hashrate1': u'28502', 'fan': u'69', 'temp': u'82'}}, 'running_time': u'307'}
{'claymore_version': u'9.3 - ETH', 'coin2': {'total_hashrate': u'568039', 'shares': u'59', 'reject': u'0'}, 'coin1': {'total_hashrate': u'56804', 'shares': u'213', 'reject': u'0'}, 'gpu': {0: {'hashrate2': u'283902', 'hashrate1': u'28390', 'fan': u'82', 'temp': u'72'}, 1: {'hashrate2': u'284137', 'hashrate1': u'28413', 'fan': u'69', 'temp': u'82'}}, 'running_time': u'307'}
{'claymore_version': u'9.3 - ETH', 'coin2': {'total_hashrate': u'546170', 'shares': u'59', 'reject': u'0'}, 'coin1': {'total_hashrate': u'54617', 'shares': u'213', 'reject': u'0'}, 'gpu': {0: {'hashrate2': u'261854', 'hashrate1': u'26185', 'fan': u'82', 'temp': u'72'}, 1: {'hashrate2': u'284316', 'hashrate1': u'28431', 'fan': u'69', 'temp': u'82'}}, 'running_time': u'307'}
{'claymore_version': u'9.3 - ETH', 'coin2': {'total_hashrate': u'567865', 'shares': u'59', 'reject': u'0'}, 'coin1': {'total_hashrate': u'56786', 'shares': u'213', 'reject': u'0'}, 'gpu': {0: {'hashrate2': u'283993', 'hashrate1': u'28399', 'fan': u'82', 'temp': u'72'}, 1: {'hashrate2': u'283872', 'hashrate1': u'28387', 'fan': u'69', 'temp': u'82'}}, 'running_time': u'307'}

Test with curl that is working

$curl http://localhost:8601
# HELP claymore_coin1_shares Claymore coin1 share
# TYPE claymore_coin1_shares counter
claymore_coin1_shares 68.0
# HELP claymore_coin2_shares_reject Claymore coin2 share reject
# TYPE claymore_coin2_shares_reject counter
claymore_coin2_shares_reject 0.0
# HELP claymore_gpu_hashrate_1 Claymore GPU hashrate1
# TYPE claymore_gpu_hashrate_1 gauge
claymore_gpu_hashrate_1{gpu_id="1"} 28417.0
claymore_gpu_hashrate_1{gpu_id="0"} 28355.0
# HELP claymore_gpu_temp Claymore GPU temp
# TYPE claymore_gpu_temp gauge
claymore_gpu_temp{gpu_id="1"} 82.0
claymore_gpu_temp{gpu_id="0"} 71.0
# HELP claymore_coin1_shares_reject Claymore coin1 share reject
# TYPE claymore_coin1_shares_reject counter
claymore_coin1_shares_reject 0.0
# HELP claymore_gpu_fan Claymore GPU fan
# TYPE claymore_gpu_fan gauge
claymore_gpu_fan{gpu_id="1"} 69.0
claymore_gpu_fan{gpu_id="0"} 82.0
# HELP process_virtual_memory_bytes Virtual memory size in bytes.
# TYPE process_virtual_memory_bytes gauge
process_virtual_memory_bytes 13139968.0
# HELP process_resident_memory_bytes Resident memory size in bytes.
# TYPE process_resident_memory_bytes gauge
process_resident_memory_bytes 11018240.0
# HELP process_start_time_seconds Start time of the process since unix epoch in seconds.
# TYPE process_start_time_seconds gauge
process_start_time_seconds 1497212766.66
# HELP process_cpu_seconds_total Total user and system CPU time spent in seconds.
# TYPE process_cpu_seconds_total counter
process_cpu_seconds_total 26.85
# HELP process_open_fds Number of open file descriptors.
# TYPE process_open_fds gauge
process_open_fds 7.0
# HELP process_max_fds Maximum number of open file descriptors.
# TYPE process_max_fds gauge
process_max_fds 1048576.0
# HELP claymore_gpu_hashrate_2 Claymore GPU hashrate2
# TYPE claymore_gpu_hashrate_2 gauge
claymore_gpu_hashrate_2{gpu_id="1"} 284172.0
claymore_gpu_hashrate_2{gpu_id="0"} 283550.0
# HELP claymore_coin2_shares Claymore coin2 share
# TYPE claymore_coin2_shares counter
claymore_coin2_shares 19.0

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