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Docker to use s3ql with google drive
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Proof of concept container. It will automatically mount an image with s3ql with the gdrive patch doing fsck at the begining and umount at the end. It really mounts any storage driver on s3ql, but the objective is to use gdrive and then use this container to get data.


A Google drive API with API turned ON

You can follow the java example:, there you can get the client_id and client_secret.

A pair of user/passw token

If we have not initialized the drive we can use the commands from the docker image without running it on the default entrypoint:

docker run -ti --entrypoint /bin/bash sdelrio/s3ql-gdrive

root@2244484efa00:~# /usr/local/bin/s3ql_oauth_client --oauth_type google-drive --client_id --client_secret xxxxxxxxxxx
Go to the following link in your browser:
Enter verification code: x/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Successfully retrieved access token
your S3QL Credentials are:
password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:x/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

That user and password is what we will use as the token.

A filesystem created on the gdrive

Once we have the user and password we will need to run a mkfs the first time. We edit the /root/.s3ql/authinfo2 with the info we got earlier, the filesystem passphrase that we want and a name for the storage-url:

Still inside the container we edit the file like this:

backend-password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:x/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
fs-passphrase: 12345667890
storage-url: gdrive://data

Now we make a mkfs :

root@2244484efa00:~# /usr/local/bin/mkfs.s3ql gdrive://data

Environment vars

  • S3QL_CACHE_ENTRIES: default 17000
  • S3QL_CACHE_DIR: default /root/.s3ql
  • S3QL_LOG: default /root/.s3ql/s3qlmount.log
  • S3QL_TRHEADS: default 10
  • S3QL_MOUNT: default /mnt/data
  • S3QL_CACHESIZE: default 10485760 (10GB = 10 1024 1024)
  • S3QL_METADATA_INTERVAL: default 21600 (6h = 6 60 60)
  • S3QL_STORAGE_URL: default gdrive://dat
  • S3QL_USER: There is no default value. Is the user we got from s3ql_oauth_client
  • S3QL_PASSWORD: There is no default value. Is the password we got from s3ql_oauth_clien
  • S3QL_FSPP: There is no default value.
  • S3QL_COMPRESS: Default zlib, you can use none. For example, if you will store your jpg backups there is no need to use zlib, but if you will store lot of text or surce code zlib will help.

Sample docker-compose

  image: sdelrio/s3ql-gdrive
    - mknod
    - sys_admin
    - /dev/fuse
  privileged: true
    - 'S3QL_COMPRESS=none'
    - 'S3QL_MOUNT=/data'
    - 'S3QL_CACHEDIR=/root/.s3ql'
    - 'S3QL_LOG=/root/.s3ql/s3qlmount.log'
    - 'S3QL_THREADS=10'
    - 'S3QL_CACHE_ENTRIES=10000'
    - 'S3QL_CACHESIZE=10000000'
    - 'S3QL_STORAGE_URL=gdrive://data'
    - 'S3QL_USER=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
    - 'S3QL_PASSWORD=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
    - 'S3QL_FSPP=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
    - '/mnt/data:/data'


Base image phusion/baseimage to use startup script /sbin/my_init.

Known issues

  • On filesystem password the sed will use the char #for the regexp, so can’t use this char on the password.
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