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openHAB image using Oracle Java 8 for Raspberry Pi.
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See Github repository to learn more, including usage information.

openHAB image on Raspberry Pi

Docker image of openHAB 1.6.2 using the rpi-java base image.


  • Raspbian Jessie based
  • Runit process management
  • Touch UI and HABmin pre-installed
  • All official addons pre-provided. Selective enabling of addons on boot
  • Demo Configuration starts when no configuration is found

Building Image

$ git clone
$ cd docker-rpi-openhab
$ sudo docker build -t docker-rpi-openhab .

Running Container

By default, this image will run the demo configuration if the openhab.cfg file is not found in /etc/openhab. The demo sitemap can be viewed at the following url: http://{host-ip}:8080/

$ sudo docker run \
    --publish=8080:8080 \
    --publish=8443:8443 \
    --publish=5555:5555 \
    --detach=true \
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