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A Git SSH server.
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A Docker image based on Alpine that provides a Git SSH server.
Available on GitHub and
Docker Hub

Basic Usage

How to run the container at port 2222 with two volumes:
a 'keys' volume for public keys, and 'repos' volume for git repositories:

$ docker run -d -p 2222:22 -v ~/git-server/keys:/git-server/keys -v ~/git-server/repos:/git-server/repos jkarlos/git-server-docker

How to use a public key:

Copy the public part of your public/private key pair to the keys folder: 
- From your local host: $ cp ~/.ssh/ ~/git-server/keys
- From a remote host: $ scp ~/.ssh/ user@host:~/git-server/keys

Once you've finished making changes in the keys folder, 
you need to restart the container:
$ docker restart <container-id>

How to check that the container works (you must first upload your public key):

$ ssh git@<container-ip-address> -p 2222
Welcome to git-server-docker!

You've authenticated successfully, but this
git server does not provide interactive shell access.

How to create a new repo outside of the git server:

$ cd my-repo
$ git init --shared=true
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Initial commit"
$ cd ..
$ git clone --bare my-repo my-repo.git

How to upload a repo to the git server:

Copy your repo's .git directory to the repos folder: 
- From your local host: $ mv my-repo.git ~/git-server/repos
- From a remote host: $ scp -r my-repo.git user@host:~/git-server/repos

How to clone a repo from the git server:

$ git clone ssh://git@<container-ip-address>:2222/git-server/repos/my-repo.git


  • Exposed ports: 22
  • Volumes:
    • /git-server/keys: Stores public ssh keys for each user.
    • /git-server/repos: Stores the git repositories.

SSH Keys

How to generate a public/private key pair for use with ssh:

Generate a standard RSA key pair:
- From your local host: $ ssh-keygen -t rsa

How to quickly upload the public part of your ssh key to the git server:

Upload it to the host that executes the git-server-docker container:
$ scp ~/.ssh/ user@host:~/git-server/keys

Build Image

How to make the docker image:

$ docker build -t git-server-docker .

Docker Compose

You can edit docker-compose.yml and run this container with docker-compose:

$ docker-compose up -d
Docker Pull Command