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Fork of million12's with less assumptions.
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Fork of million12/logstash-forwarder.

Removed automatic download of key/cert stuff from etcd.

Simply mount your key/crt files for lumberjack protocol to /opt/logstash/ssl. Should be two files: logstash-forwarder.key and logstash-forwarder.crt.

Mount the host's /var/log to this container's /data/log in order for the default forwarder.conf to find your system.log, which is all the default behavior listens to.

You can mount your forwarder.conf to /etc/forwarder/forwarder.conf if you don't want to use the default specified in this repo. If you do this, make sure the SSL and Logstash IP match are configured correctly for your environment, since without using the built-in forwarder.conf, you are responsible for making sure the paths and IP are correct (LOGSTASH_IP has no affect in this case).

Example using defalts:

docker run \
  -v /var/log:/data/log \
  -v /my/ssl/directory:/opt/logstash/ssl \
  -e "LOGSTASH_IP=<your_logstash_ip>" \

Example with your own configuration:

docker run \
  -v /var/log:/data/log
  -v /my/ssl/directory:/opt/logstash/ssl
  -v /my/logstash/forwarder.conf:/etc/forwarder/forwarder.conf
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