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Short Description
Navcoind + Wallet + WebUI docker image, thats run the NavFull Node to earn Proof of Stake rewards.
Full Description

Navcoin Full Node for Docker


Any phisical or virtual machine that support docker.
2GB to store the blockchain files (warning, the chain is always growing)
And 1 GB of RAM.

Quick start

First you need to create a named volume navcoin-data to persist the blockchain and wallet files:

 docker volume create --name=navcoin-data

Or directly you can use a specific directory from the host, i prefer named volumes.
For know the difference, read this: Manage data in containers.

So if you want to reboot, upgrade or destroy the container, that files will be safe.

Create the container:

 docker run -v navcoin-data:/navcoin --name=navcoin-full-node -d \
            -p 44440:44440 \
            -p \
            -p 8080:80 \

Check if the container its susefuly created, and its running:

 docker ps

You can then access the daemon's output thanks to the docker logs command.

 docker logs -f navcoin-full-node

Put this localhost:8080 in your browser and voilà.
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