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Short Description
The server version of my Borg container. See README for more informations.
Full Description

Borg Server Container


Basic Borg backup server container. It uses sebcworks/borgbackup-base as base image and will launch sshd in foreground.

It is supposed to have a ssh authorized_keys file mounted at /home/borg/.ssh/, and will use /var/backups/borg as its repository folder.


You are free to put the data where you want, but I recommand this setup (with Docker 1.9+):

  1. Create a volume to hold authorized_keys file
  2. Mount this volume in a temporary sebcworks/borgbackup-base container to create the authorized_keys file
  3. Mount a host folder or a volume in a temporary sebcworks/borgbackup-base container to initialize the repository
  4. Mount the volume in the sebcworks/borgbackup-server container, as well as the folder/volume to hold the repository

WARNING With Docker 1.9, mounting a volume created through the docker volume create command will be deleted if mounted to a container
launched with the --rm flag set (docker run --rm -v named-volume:/data ... will delete named-volume at exit). This behavior has changed
in the 1.10 version.

WARNING 2 If you use a host folder mapped into the container as below, be sure that this folder is under a folder owned by root:root with 0750 rights to avoid
security problem (as the host user with the uid equivalent to the uid of borg inside the container will own the host folder).

docker volume create --name borgbackup-data-authorizedkeys
docker run -it --name borg-init-ssh-server -v borgbackup-data-authorizedkeys:/sshdata sebcworks/borgbackup-base /bin/bash
> apt update && apt install nano
> nano /sshdata/authorized_keys
-> Paste the public key of the "borg" user from the client
-> Put **BEFORE** the previous content: command="cd /var/backups/borg; borg serve --restrict-to-path /var/backups/borg",no-pty,no-agent-forwarding,no-port-forwarding,no-X11-forwarding,no-user-rc
> chown borg.borg /sshdata/authorized_keys
> exit
docker rm borg-init-ssh-server

[OPTIONAL: Initialize a repository]
docker run -it --name borg-init-repos-server -v /path/to/my/repos:/var/backups/borg sebcworks/borgbackup-base /bin/bash
> su borg
> borg init --encryption=repokey /var/backups/borg
> exit
docker rm borg-init-repos-server

docker run --name borg-server -v borgbackup-data-authorizedkeys:/home/borg/.ssh -v /path/to/my/repos:/var/backups/borg -p 2222:22 -d sebcworks/borgbackup-server
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