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Short Description
The server version of my Borg container. See README for more informations.
Full Description

Borg Server Container


Basic Borg backup server container. It uses sebcworks/borgbackup-base as base image and will launch sshd in foreground. WARN: image "latest" version match borg 0.30 (for legacy purpose)

It is supposed to have a ssh authorized_keys file mounted at /home/borg/.ssh/, and will use /var/backups/borg as its repository folder.

It's a good idea to see how the Client can work: sebcworks/borgbackup-client.


You are free to put the data where you want, but I recommand this setup (with Docker 1.9+):

  1. Create a volume to hold authorized_keys file
  2. Mount this volume in a temporary sebcworks/borgbackup-base container to create the authorized_keys file
  3. Mount a host folder or a volume in a temporary sebcworks/borgbackup-base container to initialize the repository
  4. Mount the volume in the sebcworks/borgbackup-server container, as well as the folder/volume to hold the repository

WARNING With Docker 1.9, mounting a volume created through the docker volume create command will be deleted if mounted to a container
launched with the --rm flag set (docker run --rm -v named-volume:/data ... will delete named-volume at exit). This behavior has changed
in the 1.10 version.

WARNING 2 If you use a host folder mapped into the container as below, be sure that this folder is under a folder owned by root:root with 0750 rights to avoid
security problem (host user with same uid as borg user inside the container will own the folder).

docker volume create --name borgbackup-data-authorizedkeys
docker run -it --name borg-init-ssh-server -v borgbackup-data-authorizedkeys:/sshdata sebcworks/borgbackup-base /bin/bash
> apt update && apt install nano
> nano /sshdata/authorized_keys
-> Paste the public key of the "borg" user from the client
-> Put **BEFORE** the previous content: command="cd /var/backups/borg; borg serve --restrict-to-path /var/backups/borg",no-pty,no-agent-forwarding,no-port-forwarding,no-X11-forwarding,no-user-rc
> chown borg.borg /sshdata/authorized_keys
> exit
docker rm borg-init-ssh-server

[OPTIONAL: Initialize a repository]
docker run -it --name borg-init-repos-server -v /path/to/my/repos:/var/backups/borg sebcworks/borgbackup-base /bin/bash
> su borg
> borg init --encryption=repokey /var/backups/borg
> exit
docker rm borg-init-repos-server

docker run --name borg-server -v borgbackup-data-authorizedkeys:/home/borg/.ssh -v /path/to/my/repos:/var/backups/borg -p 2222:22 -d sebcworks/borgbackup-server
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