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PostgreSQL 9.5 Management Container


A container used to manage a PostgreSQL instance (=container).

It is based on the official PostgreSQL container as my postgres container.

It only install postgresql-client (and doc) and some small tools: nano, ftp and telnet.

It was made to be used with my other postgres containers: sebcworks/postgres and sebcworks/postgres-data.


It is pretty straightforward:

PostgreSQL installation (with data container)

docker pull sebcworks/postgres-data
docker pull sebcworks/postgres
docker run --name pgdata sebcworks/postgres-data

docker run --name pgdb -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=tobechanged --volumes-from pgdata -d sebcworks/postgres

docker exec -it pgdb bash
su postgres
ALTER USER postgres WITH ENCRYPTED PASSWORD 'mysecurepassword';

Manager installation

docker pull sebcworks/postgres-manager
docker run --rm --name pgman-tmp --link pgdb:postgres --volumes-from pgdata -it sebcworks/postgres-manager

gosu postgres psql -h postgres
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