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SACM Docker Hub
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Install API Doc globally:

npm install apidoc -g


  1. ) Start APIDoc
    apidoc -i app/routes -o doc/assets/api -t doc/sections/api


1.) Update Sociocortex:
Tag a Sociocortex commit with `docker-build-x’ (where x is the number of the build) on BitBucket to trigger the build process of the container.

2.) Update the SACM:
Push the code to the Github repository and trigger the build process via the web hook provide by DockerHub (POST REQUEST to

3.) Once everything is build, connect to the CONNECARE server. Make sure your SSH keys are properly installed.

4.) Once logged in, go to the Sociocortex docker directory:

cd /home/ubuntu/eurecat/dockers/sociocortex
sudo docker-compose pull # pull the latest version of the containers
sudo docker-compose stop # stop all currently running containers
sudo docker-compose up -d # restart the containers with the latest version
sudo docker logs sacm.backend --tail 100 -f
sudo docker exec -it sacm.sociocortex bash

5.) Common Docker commands

sudo docker ps 
sudo docker logs <containerId> --follow
sudo docker exec -it <containerId> bash

6.) Mongo commands
.find({url:{$regex : ".humantasks/1pejs4af5xzr7/complete"}})

Docker Pull Command
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