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Containerized journalbeat
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This image contains journalbeat and a default configuration to forward to a Logstash host.

This is not done using a repeatable build. I gave up trying to get Journalbeat compile in Docker so I am adding the manually built (using go build) binary manually.

Define LOGSTASH_HOST as a single host for the data to actually go anywhere.

Make sure your host machine is actually running journald, and mount /var/log/journal and /etc/machine-id in their respective places.

Typically, :latest will be the same as :logstash. But no promises.

Example run command:

docker run --name journalbeat --rm -v /var/log/journal:/var/log/journal -v /etc/machine-id:/etc/machine-id -e sebjay/journalbeat:logstash

If you wish to save the journalbeat cursor (for e.g. restarting), mount /jb-data to a persistent storage (I use /var/tmp/journalbeat).

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8 months ago

I tried to see if I could get 5.x running, but it doesn't seem to read any logs successfully. I think they've changed how logs are read - doing an strace reveals that it opens the logs and then immediately closes them again.

8 months ago

Sebjay - what was the issue getting a go program to compile in Docker? Btw - any chance to push an updated version of this that supports this recently merged PR?

10 months ago

Hi Sebjay,

This docker image works perfectly for our application, could you please share a link to the dockerfile.

Thank you