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Containerized journalbeat
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This image contains journalbeat and a default configuration to forward to a Logstash host.

This is not done using a repeatable build. I gave up trying to get Journalbeat compile in Docker so I am adding the manually built (using go build) binary manually.

Define LOGSTASH_HOST as a single host for the data to actually go anywhere.

Make sure your host machine is actually running journald, and mount /var/log/journal and /etc/machine-id in their respective places.

Typically, :latest will be the same as :logstash. But no promises.

Example run command:

docker run --name journalbeat --rm -v /var/log/journal:/var/log/journal -v /etc/machine-id:/etc/machine-id -e sebjay/journalbeat:logstash

If you wish to save the journalbeat cursor (for e.g. restarting), mount /jb-data to a persistent storage (I use /var/tmp/journalbeat).

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