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mini_httpd is a small HTTP server (mini_httpd/1.21 18oct2014)
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mini_httpd Docker image

mini_httpd is a small HTTP server.


  • Usage
    • Start a container with Docker
    • Start a container with Docker Compose
  • Build
    • Build with Docker
    • Build with Docker Compose
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In the instructions that follow, replace <home-directory> with the path of the local directory you want to serve content from, and <http-port> with the HTTP port you want the HTTP server to serve content to (e.g. 80 for the standard HTTP port if not already in use on the host).

Start a container with Docker

$ sudo docker run --rm -t -v <home-directory>:/var/www/localhost/htdocs -p <http-port>:80 sebp/mini_httpd

Start a container with Docker Compose

Add the following lines in an existing or a new docker-compose.yml file:

  image: sebp/mini_httpd
    - <home-directory>:/var/www/localhost/htdocs
    - "<http-port>:80"

Then start a mini_httpd container with:

$ sudo docker-compose up minihttpd


First clone or download the spujadas/mini_httpd-docker GitHub repository, open a shell in the newly created mini_httpd-docker directory, then build the image and run a container using Docker or Docker Compose, as explained below.

Build with Docker

This command will build the image:

$ sudo docker build .

Build with Docker Compose

Build the image with this command:

$ sudo docker-compose build


Written by Sébastien Pujadas, released under the MIT license.

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