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phpDocumentor version 2.8.2
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phpDocumentor Docker image

phpDocumentor version v2.8.2


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cd <install-directory>
chmod +x phpdoc


<install-directory>/phpdoc <arguments>

Note – When using options that refer to directories (-d, -f, -t), make sure that the paths you use are:

  • relative to the current directory, e.g. . or ./my-app (not /var/www/public_html/my_app),
  • at the same level as or below the current directory, e.g. . or ./my-app (not ../my_app).

Tip – Solutions to avoid typing the <install-directory>/ prefix include:

  • Using an alias, e.g. alias phpdoc-docker="<install-directory>/phpdoc" (and you may want to consider including that command in your ~/.bashrc file)

  • Copying the phpdoc script to a directory in your $PATH, e.g. sudo cp <install-directory>/phpdoc /usr/local/bin/phpdoc-docker


When a new sebp/phpdoc image is available, update phpDocumentor with the following command:

sudo docker pull sebp/phpdoc-docker


First clone or download the spujadas/phpdoc-docker GitHub repository, open a shell in the newly created phpdoc-docker directory, then build the image and run a container using Docker or Docker Compose, as explained below.

Build with Docker

This command will build the image:

$ sudo docker build .
Successfully built 58b1388d0153

To run a container using this image, use the command in the phpdoc script, replacing:

  • sebp/phpdoc with the image's identifier as returned by the docker build command (58b1388d0153 in the example above)

  • "$@" with the arguments you want to pass to phpdoc

Build with Docker Compose

Build the image with this command:

$ sudo docker-compose build

Note – If you're not building the image in the default phpdoc-docker directory, then append -p phpdocdocker to this command so that the image is named correctly for the next command to work.

Run a container using this command:

$ ./docker.local-build <arguments>


Written by Sébastien Pujadas, released under the MIT license.

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