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Short Description
Image containing SecurityRAT tool and MySQL DB with default requirement set.
Full Description

This is an image enabling a quick&easy start if you want to play around with the SecurityRAT tool (otherwise available at

Important: the setup is not suitable for a production environment!

How To

  • run docker run -it -p 9002:9002 securityrat/all_in_one
  • once the image has started, navigate to https://localhost:9002 and accept the self-signed certificate in your browser
  • authenticate with one of the default users admin/admin or user/user
  • start playing around

Run commands in the running container

  • open another terminal and run sudo docker ps. This will list the containers running.
  • fire docker exec -it --user securityrat <container-id> bash. The password to the securityrat user is the same as the username.
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