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Docker Alluxio creates a collocated master-worker pair for simple protocol translation
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To build the Alluxio Docker image from the default remote url, run

docker build -t alluxio .

To build with a local Alluxio tarball, specify the ALLUXIO_TARBALL build argument

docker build -t alluxio --build-arg ALLUXIO_TARBALL=alluxio-${version}.tar.gz .

The generated image expects to be run with single argument of "master", "worker", or "proxy".
To set an Alluxio configuration property, convert it to an environment variable by uppercasing
and replacing periods with underscores. For example, alluxio.master.hostname converts to
ALLUXIO_MASTER_HOSTNAME. You can then set the environment variable on the image with
-e PROPERTY=value. Alluxio configuration values will be copied to conf/
when the image starts.

docker run -e alluxio [master|worker|proxy]

Additional configuration files can be included when building the image by adding them to the
integration/docker/conf/ directory. All contents of this directory will be
copied to /opt/alluxio/conf.

#####Note that this configuration is copied over from the Alluxio repository

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