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Alpine Linux with acd_cli + fuse modules 68MB
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Alpine Linux base with acd_cli and fuse installed


5/28/2017 Update to support acd_cli api 0.9.3 and use the git repo with the latest API to fix the auth issues

Usage Opportunities:

Pass your docker hosts local directory where your acd_cli oauth files are and run a listing

docker run -it --rm -v /home/ubuntu/.cache/acd_cli:/home/user/.cache/acd_cli sedlund/acdcli ls

Create a data volume and set permissions of the home directory

docker run --rm -v acdcli_data:/home/user busybox chown -R 1000:1000 /home/user

Generate an oauth token in that container and sync

docker run -it --rm -v acdcli_data:/home/user sedlund/acdcli init

This will start eLinks browser for you to authorize the connection and create your token. Save the file in ~/.cache/acd_cli/oauth_data

docker run -it --rm -v acdcli_data:/home/user sedlund/acdcli sync

Copy existing token inside the data container and set permissions

docker cp ~/.cache/acd_cli acdcli_data:/home/user/.cache
docker run --rm -v acdcli_data:/home/user busybox chown -R 1000:1000 /home/user

Mounting via fuse inside the container

Option 1

docker run -itd --privileged --name acdmount -v acdcli_data:/home/user --entrypoint=/bin/sh sedlund/acdcli -c "acdcli -v mount /mnt; sh"

Option 2

docker run -itd --cap-add SYS_ADMIN --device /dev/fuse --name acdmount -v acdcli_data:/home/user --entrypoint=/bin/sh sedlund/acdcli -c "acdcli -v mount /mnt; sh"

  • --privileged you can use the example with privileged which gives the container extra permission or you can use the second example which uses a cap-add and passes a device (more secure).
  • --entrypoint=/bin/sh is needed to change the default entrypoint
  • --cap-add SYS_ADMIN is needed for using FUSE
  • --device /dev/fuse is needed for FUSE
  • passing -c "acdcli -v mount; sh" to sh shows how to run a command that would fork (causing the container to exit), and running sh to keep it running.

NOTE: You cannot export a fuse mount as a volume from the container. Check out sedlund/acdcli-webdav (based on this image) to mount ACD and provide a secure webdav share. You could do other things like setup a sftp server in this container, but that is left as an excersize to the user.

Using it to upload files from your Docker host

docker run -it --privileged --rm --name acdmount --volumes-from acdcli-data -v "$(pwd)":/mnt --entrypoint=/bin/sh sedlund/acdcli
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